Personalizing your website using Segment traits and Personas

With Segment Personas, you can build granular marketing audiences using your customer data from various sources, such as your connected CRMs, email marketing systems, ecommerce platforms and your own data warehouses.

With ConvertFlow's Segment Personas integration, you can personalize your website CTAs and content by targeting identified contacts based on their Segment Personas traits, without coding.

Here's how to set it up:

1) Connect ConvertFlow to Segment

First, you'll need to connect ConvertFlow as a Segment destination to a Segment source of your choice.

For more info on how to configure ConvertFlow as a destination for your Segment source, here's a tutorial →

2) Give ConvertFlow access to Segment Personas

Now that you've enabled ConvertFlow in Segment as a destination, ConvertFlow will ask for your Segment Personas details.

You'll also be able to optionally toggle a setting to send conversion events and form submissions to Segment. Learn more →

In Segment, head to Personas > API Access

After that, generate an API access token for ConvertFlow. Then, copy it and paste it into the respective field in ConvertFlow's interface. 

You'll also want to repeat this process for the "space ID" of Segment Personas.

Here's how these look:

3) Target your contacts based on their Segment Personas traits

Now that ConvertFlow has access to Segment Personas, it will start syncing the Segment Personas traits of the contacts you've identified, as they visit your website.

You can start using Segment targeting conditions in your ConvertFlow CTA campaigns to display personalized content, forms, popups, sticky bars, landing page funnel steps and more.

For reference, here are the Segment Personas targeting conditions ConvertFlow currently supports:

  • If trait matches in Segment
  • If trait does NOT match in Segment
  • If trait contains keyword in Segment
  • If trait does NOT contain keyword in Segment
  • If trait integer is greater than in Segment
  • If trait integer is less than in Segment

Finding your Segment Personas traits

Using the "Explorer" tab in Segment Personas, click on a contact profile and you'll find the traits currently being used in your Segment Personas audiences.

For more info on using Segment Personas, here is the Segment Personas documentation.

Without Segment Personas, can ConvertFlow still target by identified traits?

Without Segment Persona’s connected, ConvertFlow can still target by the traits sent through Segment’s identify function, because they’re cookied in the browser.
With Segment Personas connected, ConvertFlow’s targeting still prioritizes client-side trait values sent through the Segment identify function, and falls back on the Personas trait values if it’s available.

How are existing contacts known to Segment created in ConvertFlow? Once we enable the Segment integration will tracked contacts get created?

When Segment’s identify function runs, it will identify the contact in ConvertFlow if the “email” trait is sent to Segment. Identification in the context of ConvertFlow means registering the visitor as a contact.
As of now, if a Segment identified contact visits your website and the identify function is NOT called, ConvertFlow doesn’t “identify” them (create a contact record) until your site calls the Segment identify function again.
Client-side Segment trait targeting data will be available regardless of whether they’re a contact in ConvertFlow or not.
Segment Personas trait targeting data depends on the visitor being identified as a contact in ConvertFlow, because it uses the email address identifier to fetch data from Segment Personas’ server-side API.