How to install Segment on ConvertFlow landing pages

Once you've connected ConvertFlow to Segment, you can have the Segment analytics library automatically installed on all ConvertFlow landing pages.

To do this, in Segment, go to the "Source" you want to install. Click to Settings > API keys, and then copy your "Write key".

Once you've copied that write key, head to ConvertFlow.

Go to Settings > Integrations, and then click to manage your Segment integration.

Here you can manage options for your Segment integration with ConvertFlow, such as enabling automatic population of ConvertFlow events and traits. 

Paste your Segment source's write key into the options and then click to "Save Options". 

Test out your ConvertFlow landing pages (refresh first), and you should start to see page visit events coming through into the Segment source's debugger.

If you've toggled on ConvertFlow events for your Segment integration, you should see these populating as well.