How to send conversion events & form submission fields to Segment

When using Segment, customizing how your customer database's events are named and structured is very important and a key feature of their product.

However, we've made it easy to send through ALL ConvertFlow conversion events to Segment's "track" function, as well as send through form submission field data to Segment's "identify" call, using a simple optional toggle.

This is great if you don't already have conversion events defined on your website that you need to respect, or you would like to easily isolate ConvertFlow's Segment events.

To do this, once you've connected Segment, in that integration's options in ConvertFlow, you'll see a toggle called "Send Submission & Conversion Events". Enable this and save your integration's options.

Important: ConvertFlow will NOT track conversion events and identify form fields as traits until this is toggled.

Once this option is enabled, if ConvertFlow is installed through Segment, you'll start to see events come into your Segment source's debugger interface. 

These will be named either "CTA Form Submitted", "CTA Survey Submitted" and "CTA Button Clicked", depending on the type of element that the conversion was tracked from.

You'll also send "identify" calls come through triggered by ConvertFlow form submissions, with ConvertFlow's preset fields mapped to Segment's official traits, and any custom fields creating new Segment traits.

If you have any CRMs added to your Segment source as "destinations", Segment will attempt to sync through these traits into that CRM's API fields.

Why don't I see ConvertFlow as a "source" in Segment?

ConvertFlow shows as a "destination" in Segment because they consider tag installations through their tag manager as "destinations". 
Segment doesn't consider ConvertFlow a "source", because ConvertFlow's Segment integration only will send data to Segment through Segment's javascript API. 

The Segment script tag installed on your website is what they consider the "source", ConvertFlow simply integrates with that if you enable the "Send Submission & Conversion Events" option from ConvertFlow's interface.

How to customize ConvertFlow's Segment events and traits

If you'd like to control how your ConvertFlow events are sent into Segment, you'll want to make sure that option is toggled off, and use our javascript API to build your own Segment events as you please.
ConvertFlow emits conversion and form submission events, where the conversion data and field data are easily accessible, that your developer can easily hook into.

You'll want to send them ConvertFlow's javascript API docs.
Your developer could track all form submissions in Segment with a site-wide CF javascript API integration.

Here's a simple example of how this could look, which you can use as a starting point:
jQuery(document).on('cfSubmit', function(event, data) {
  if ( {
    analytics.track('ConvertFlow CTA Submitted', {
      cta_variant: data.variant,
      cta_step: data.step