How to segment leads and trigger automations in Drip

Adding Drip tags, subscribing leads to campaigns, starting workflows and tracking events

ConvertFlow's powerful automation system let's you trigger automations in Drip on contacts, when they engage with CTAs, submit forms and visit your web pages.

Triggering Drip automations with forms and buttons
From the CTA builder, click on any form or button elements you add, scroll the options panel to the "Automations" dropdown, and choose "Drip" from the first selection field.
You can then choose the type of automation you would like to trigger.
Drip automation types include...
  • Add a tag
  • Remove a tag
  • Subscribe to campaign
  • Unsubscribe from campaign
  • Add to workflow
  • Remove from workflow
  • Track an event
Triggering Drip automations on page visits and CTA goal completion in Flows
You can trigger Drip automations when someone completes a goal in your Flow. Whether it's a "Visit" or "CTA" goal, you can add automations to be triggered upon the completion of the goal.