How to segment leads and trigger automations in Active Campaign

ConvertFlow's automation system let's you trigger automations in Active Campaign on contacts, when they engage with CTAs, submit forms and visit your web pages.

Triggering Active Campaign automations with forms and buttons
From the CTA builder, click to edit a form and in the form settings, you'll be able to add "automations". When adding automations, you'll find automation types specific to Active Campaign. Choose the automation type, enter any extra form fields and then click to add the automation.
When your form is submitted, the automations will be ran on the contact record. Automations can also be added to buttons and surveys.
Active Campaign automation types include...
  • Add a tag
  • Remove a tag
  • Add contact to list
  • Remove contact from list
  • Add contact to automation
  • Remove contact from automation
  • Make contact a deal
  • Add a note to a contact
  • Submit a form (This can be used to trigger double opt-in email confirmation)
Running Active Campaign automations upon completion of CTA campaigns and visit goals
You can trigger Active Campaign automations when someone completes a goal in your Flow. 

Whether it's a "Visit" or "CTA" goal, you can add automations to be triggered upon the completion of the goal.