Using and sharing CTA templates

Templates help you speed up your workflow by giving you campaign ideas, call-to-action assets and strategies to start with.

When creating CTAs, you'll be able to browse official templates and your saved templates, preview them and choose a template.

Saving CTAs as templates

Any CTA can be saved as a template for your account. From the CTA overview page, click “Options” and click “Save as template”.

When you save a CTA as a template, you’ll be taken to your accounts templates manager, where you can see the templates you’ve saved to your account as well as control the templates you have created.

Creating your own templates opens up a whole new world of possibilities. If you’re a marketer using ConvertFlow to provide services to your clients, or you simply want to give other team members material to work with as they create new campaigns, creating templates can be a major help.

Managing and sharing templates

From your account's templates page, you can manage your own templates, as well as see your saved templates created by other users.

Just click to manage a template, and you’ll be able to give it a name, add a description. You’ll also be able to copy a “share” link.

By using this link to share your template, you can give anyone access to it. Cool right?
If the recipient of the link isn’t already a ConvertFlow user, they’ll be able to create a free account and immediately start using the template you created. 
(By the way, if you’re a ConvertFlow referral partner, any users who sign up using your template link will be attributed to you.)

Your template's stats

As the creator of the template, you’ll be able to see it’s usage stats. For example, the total number of CTAs that have been created using your template.
As your templates are implemented on websites, whether they’re your own sites or sites than belong to other users, you’ll be able to see the accumulative performance of each template you create. 
This gives you stats on how many combined views and conversions the template has generated. It will also show you the overall conversion rate of all the CTAs that were created using your template.
You’ll also notice that you can add tutorial content to your template within the manager, as well as a link to a tutorial video.  We added this teaching capability in case you would like to help other ConvertFlow users implement your template correctly.
Your template tutorial will be accessible by clicking the “?” icon on the bottom-left corner of the builder where your tutorial will show. It will also be credited to your ConvertFlow user profile.